Standard of Conduct

The mall, including its parking lot, is private property. In order to maximize the enjoyment, convenience, and safety of our guests, the following standards of conduct are set forth for the purpose of protecting the center's legitimate business interest. Any violation of the code interferes with the commercial nature and function of the center. As a visitor on this property, you are prohibited from engaging in any of the following activities while on this property.

Examples of such activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Carrying or possessing any weapons of any kind, including weapons carried pursuant to a valid license.
  • Using physical force, obscene language, obscene gestures or racial, religious, ethnic slurs or comments that are in any way discriminatory in content which are likely to create a disturbance or impinge on the hearing or peace of other patrons of the center.
  • Physically or verbally threatening any person, fighting, annoying others through noisy or boisterous activities or any unnecessary staring, by following another person through the center or by using sexually explicit language or conduct, or in any other way creating a disturbance which interferes, disrupts or endangers the center's patrons or its commercial function.
  • Running, skating, skateboarding, bicycling, obstruction or interfering with the free flow of pedestrian traffic or with other patron's view of windows and other tenant displays, or assembly for the purpose of disturbing the public peace, or committing any unlawful act.
  • Creating litter or throwing, discarding, or depositing any paper, glass or other matter of any kind on the property, except in designated trash receptacles.
  • Defacing, damaging or destroying any real or personal property constituting part of, or located on, the center and belonging to the center, its patrons or its tenants, including writing, spraying, scratching or otherwise affixing graffiti on such property.
  • Yelling, screaming, singing, playing of musical instruments, radios or tape players, or otherwise communicating in a manner which creates noise of sufficient volume to impinge on the hearing or peace of the other patrons of the center.

  • Engaging in non-commercial expressive activity without the prior written permission of the management of the center.

  • Soliciting money or other contributions or donations, or distributing commercial advertising or promotional material of any kind, or offering samples of items which are sold, available for sale or available in exchange for a donation or contribution, except with prior written permission of the management of the center.

  • Failing to be fully clothed, or wearing apparel which has obscene language, obscene gestures, or racial, religious or ethnic slurswhich are likely to create a disturbance.

  • Sitting on floors, planters, handrails, stairs, escalators or trash receptacles.

  • Possessing any open can, bottle or other receptacle containing any alcoholic beverage, except in areas specifically designated for the consumption of alcohol.

  • Loitering, delaying, lingering or remaining idle about the exterior of the property.

  • Engaging in any unlawful activity or behavior or disrupting every day business activity.

  • Unauthorized scavenger hunts or unauthorized photography.

  • Any other behavior or activity that is perceived to be offensive to the general public

Failure to comply with the standards of conduct or lawful or reasonable requests by Mall Management or Security may result in your loss of the privilege to use the mall and/or criminal prosecution, where applicable.